Tamala Ceasar

Tamala Ceasar was born in Guyana, South America. At the age of 6 she relocated to London with her family, where her gift for storytelling and writing began.


As a multimedia journalist, documentary producer, director, and editor, she captivates her audience through controversial, intriguing, inspirational (and sometimes uncomfortable) content- because she has a message to share with the world.



Her editorial portfolio can be found at




Women of the Lens Film Digital Broadcast Festival

The D Word: a personal look at divorce and the Church was officially selected to be screened.


Can you be woke and be Christian?
February 2018

Answering taboo questions on what it means to be woke and conscious, why the Church is sometimes reluctant to address the difficult parts of history involving the Churches role in the transatlantic slave trade and how that affects the black Christian identity. 

The D Word: a personal look at divorce and the Church
March 2017

An honest look at the experiences of four Christian divorcees; their hurt, their shame and their restoration.